What Are Some Products That the NCR Corporation Offers?

What Are Some Products That the NCR Corporation Offers?

Carbonless paper, cash registers and automated teller machines are some of the products that the NCR Corporation offers. The company also provides self-service kiosks, check processing systems, barcode scanners and information technology maintenance and support services.

The company was founded in 1879 as the National Manufacturing Company in Dayton, Ohio. Its name was changed to the National Cash Register company upon its sale in 1884 and formally shortened to NCR in later years. Business point-of-sale processing machines and the consumables needed to record the transactions are the primary focus of the company.

The product most commonly associated with the company is NCR paper. The company patented its pressure sensitive recording paper in 1953. This allowed users of forms and receipts to have one or more copies generated without the use of carbon paper. The products popularity generated a nickname for the firm of no carbon required and remains in the NCR business products consumables line.

NCR has always been a developer of business machines. It was one of the primary developers of the cash register and dominated the American market by the early 1920s. NCR sells many models of computerized cash registers.

The company is a supplier of automated teller machines to the banking industry and provides marketing, maintenance, cleaning and management services for them as well.