What Products Are Available for "Garry's Mod" on Steam?


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"Prop Hunt," "Murder" and "Zombie Survival" are all available products for the game "Garry's Mod." These game add-ons are available for download from the Steam workshop once "Garry's Mod" has been purchased.

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"Garry's Mod" is a sandbox game with no predefined goals or objectives. Players are encouraged to create and destroy as they see fit. The multiplayer option allows many users to join the same server to collaborate or compete.

The Steam community has created a great deal of additional content to expand the gaming options of "Garry's Mod." The most popular of these include small multiplayer games with concrete objectives. In the game "Prop Hunt," players on one team disguise themselves in the environment while opposing players search for them. "Murder" is based off of an old party game called Murder in the Dark. One player is secretly labeled a murderer and must attempt to kill all of the other players without dying themselves.

Other popular "Garry's Mod" downloads include "Trouble in Terrorist Town," "Cops and Runners" and "Stop it, Slender." The Steam workshop also offers downloads for additional weapons, maps and vehicles. As of July 2015, all of these downloadable Steam mods are free after the purchase of the original "Garry's Mod" game.

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