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Atwood Mobile Products sell appliances and hardware for recreational vehicles, motor homes and boats, including air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces and more. The company specializes in providing mobile or portable comforts that are similar to home products.

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Atwood Mobile Products includes a variety of different components made for camping and boating, including appliances and detectors, chassis components and seating systems. Items in the appliances and detectors category range from water heaters (both tank and on-demand options) to alarms that can indicate dangerously high levels of liquid propane or carbon monoxide. Some chassis components that are available include a selection of brake actuators, locks and hitches for securing loads and keeping them safe on the road. The seating systems category focuses mainly on the engineering of comfortable and safe seating with different framing and reclining options available.

Atwood Mobile Products has been in business for over 30 years designing more comfortable RV and boating experiences for consumers. The company has a special relationship with Purdue University's manufacturing extension partnership and engineers and manufactures all of its products in Indiana. Atwood Mobile Products states that the company's mission is to maintain strong ties to its workforce that creates its products, as well as account managers, service technicians and all of its customers.

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