How Do You Find a Product's Model Number?


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The location of a product's model number may change depending on the product. Typically, the model number is located on the product itself in an area that is unlikely to need replacement. Often, it is written at the bottom of the product, possibly near a small barcode.

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Most technological items, such as laptops, have model names printed in visible letters near their screens, but their model numbers are more likely to be located at the backs of the machines in small print. Some computers, such as Apple laptops, display both model names and serial numbers.

A model number may be engraved on the product, or it may be located on a sticker. When a sticker is present, the model number is often located above or under a small barcode that identifies the product. Since the sticker may ruin the aesthetic appeal of the product, many companies choose to put it in a somewhat hidden location, for example, under the top cover of a printer or underneath the battery of a camera.

If the product is still in the original packaging or comes with instructions, those are two excellent locations to look for a model number. The number is often printed in one of the first pages of the instruction booklet; in some instances, it is on the last page. Some products also have the model number printed near the barcode on the outside packaging.

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