What Is the Procedure for Setting the Clock on an IHome Clock Radio?


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The procedure for setting the clock on an iHome clock radio begins with loosening the thumbscrew on the back of the device by turning it counter clockwise. The user holds the Clock Adj button down until the time flashes and sets it using the disc on top of the device.

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Once the user loosens the thumbscrew, the horizontal plastic piece on the back of the device slides off to show the Clock Adj and Time Zone buttons. Some devices also have a switch labeled DST, for Daylight Saving Time.

Once the user holds down the Clock Adj button long enough, the device beeps. He rotates the disc in either direction to move time forwards or backwards. When he sets the time correctly, he presses Clock Adj multiple times until the device displays the correct time again, without flashing. To replace the horizontal bar, he puts it back into position and tightens the thumbscrew.

The DST switch has three settings. The Auto setting automatically sets the time, taking Daylight Saving Time into account. The +1 setting sets the clock ahead one hour. The Off setting doesn't take Daylight Saving Time into account.

The Alm Set button on the front of the machine sets the alarm. The user holds it down until it beeps and sets an alarm time using the disc. He then presses the button again.

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