What Is the Procedure for Making a Macy's Online Payment?

What Is the Procedure for Making a Macy's Online Payment?

Users who wish to make payments on their Macy's credit card accounts must register a valid checking account with the Macy's website, provide their cardholder information and then choose one-time or scheduled payment. The process is streamlined by this online access to allow cardholders to make quick transactions and to handle their accounts no matter where they are operating from.

One-time payment constitutes a lump sum paid toward credit card debt. A scheduled payment is a regular automatic transaction made for the same reason.

  1. Register checking account
  2. The first step in rendering payment is to register a checking account with Macy's. This is a secure registry process which allows Macy's to charge the account in question directly, bypassing online payment services such as PayPal. Users must enter an account number and routing number.

  3. Choose payment method
  4. The next step is to select a method of payment, be it one-time or scheduled. Users who wish to establish a regular payment on a given debt may find scheduled payment a very convenient option.

  5. Make payment
  6. The final step is to choose a payment amount and approve the payment. This completes the transaction, which the user has a chance to review, and actualizes all choices made during the payment process.