What Are Some Problems That Can Happen With Remote Starters?


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Common problems with car remote starters include the remote starter becoming stuck in valet mode, issues with a failed or broken hood pin, and loss of programming. The exact steps to troubleshooting remote starters vary by specific model.

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A remote starter that is stuck in valet mode is characterized by a lack of a response when the Start button is pushed, despite the lock and unlock buttons working normally. This is usually caused by accidentally activating valet mode while the starter is in a purse or a pocket. Pressing the Lock and Trunk buttons simultaneously may exit valet mode on some remote starters.

A failed or broken hood pin may cause a lack of response when the Start button is pressed. The hood pin on the remote is part of a system to prevent the vehicle from starting while the hood is up. Replace the hood switch to fix the problem.

Lastly, the remote control losing its programming is characterized by a complete lack of response from the vehicle when any button is pressed. This is usually caused by a disconnected or dead battery. To fix the problem, reconnect or replace the battery and call the installer for instructions on how to reprogram the remote.

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