How Do You View Private Facebook Pages?

private-facebook-pages Credit: Nancy Xu/CC-BY 2.0

Even though there are rumored ways to view private Facebook pages, the only genuine way to view them is to send a friend request. Upon acceptance of the invitation, you are able to view private pages.

  1. Find the person or page you wish to view

    In order to view Facebook pages, whether private or public, you must first have your own Facebook account. From there, go into the search bar on your Facebook account and find the person or page that you wish to view.

  2. Send a friend request, preferably with a message

    If the person is someone you know, this is as simple as clicking on Request Friend. If not, send a simple and polite message stating that you'd like to get to know them or view their page, and include the reason you are interested.

  3. Wait and see

    If they accept your request, then you are able to view this private Facebook page.