What Printers Offer Printing on Lanyard Options?


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The AIT 14" 7616 and GOGOPRESS 600-500D are sublimation heat printers used to print designs on lanyard fabrics. These printers, which are very large, are mainly used by companies and factories and produce better quality designs and details than other lanyard printing methods. As of 2015, the price for a lanyard sublimation printer is about $18,000 to $66,000.

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Screen printing and heat transfer methods are the more common methods used to print on lanyards. The screen printing process begins by burning text or logos into a silk screen. The screen is then placed over the lanyard with ink being forced through the holes with a squeegee tool, also known as a fill blade. Screen printing takes longer than the dye sublimation process, but it provides more durability.

Heat transfer methods for lanyards use heat press machines to transfer images to the lanyard. The heat method dyes the design into the fabric with the heat press to create a silk-screen style. Most heat transfer lanyards are smooth and soft due to the extremely hot temperatures pressed onto them by the heat press. Online companies, such as PromoDirect.com, produce custom lanyards and typically allow customers to provide a design to be imprinted.

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