How Do You Find Printable Samsung Tablet Instructions?

How Do You Find Printable Samsung Tablet Instructions?

Find printable Samsung tablet instructions on the support section of Samsung's website. The website offers PDF manuals, help pages and interactive instructions. Use your Web browser or a PDF reader to print.

Once on the support page, type the name of your tablet into the search box, and select it from the list. Click User Manual to download the user instructions of your tablet in PDF format. Alternatively, scrolls all the way down, and select a topic below Topics I Need Help With. Select an exact topic from the list to receive instructions on that topic. Using your Internet browser, print the page.

A PDF reader is required to view the PDF manuals. Use Microsoft Edge on Windows and Preview on Mac OS X systems. Open the manual, and press P while holding down the CTRL key on Windows and the Command key on Mac OS X. Alternatively, click File, and then click Print to access more options.

Alternatively, scroll down while on a tablet's page to find interactive instructions. With your tablet model selected from the drop-down list, click on a topic to receive instructions on the tablet simulator below. You can click on the tablet to simulate taps and swipe gestures.

The PDF manuals consist of instructions on the basic features of the tablet, setting it up, the compatible accessories, the built-in applications and more. PDF viewers can use the table of contents to navigate through the manuals. Click on a topic to automatically scroll down to the content.