How Do You Print Wirelessly?

In order to print wirelessly, the printer and computer need to be hooked up to the same wireless network, or the computer must be directly connected to the printer via Wi-Fi, bypassing the network altogether. To print from a smartphone or tablet, download an app that enables wireless printing.

  1. Hook a wireless printer to your wireless network

    This step is only for printers that do not have direct Wi-Fi access. Your computer or mobile device uses the Wi-Fi connection to send the document information to your printer via the router or directly between both devices' Wi-Fi connections.

  2. Download a wireless app or computer software

    Download the software that is compatible with your printer from the manufacturer's website. Some newer computers do this automatically by searching the Web for available drivers the first time you try to connect to a device. For a mobile device, download a compatible app. For example, you need AirPrint to print from iOS devices.

  3. Print your document

    Once both devices are connected to the router or are connected together, click the Print button on your document. You can then choose your wireless printer from the device list. Click the final Print button to start the printing process.