How Do You Print Using Google Cloud?


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In order to print using Google Cloud Print from your computer, connect a printer to the Google Cloud Print service, which supports both cloud-ready and regular printers. You can connect a cloud-ready printer to any computer on the same network as the printer. You need to connect a regular printer to a computer that has an Internet connection in order to connect it to Google Cloud Print.

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On the computer, open Google Chrome, and select Settings from the menu. Click Show Advanced Settings to expand the page, and scroll down to the Google Cloud Print section. When you click the Manage button in this section, you should see all the available printers on your network. Register your printer by clicking the Register button beside it.

In order to print a file from your computer, open a Web browser, and go to the Google Cloud Print management page. Click the Print button, and use the Upload File to Print option to select the file you want to print. Choose the printer you want to use, and click the Print button.

If you want to print directly from Google Chrome, click on the menu icon, and select the Print option. In the Destination section, click the Change button to select the printer you want to use, and click Print.

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