How Do You Print Using Avery Labels?

How Do You Print Using Avery Labels?

To print using Avery labels, first design your label. Adjust your printer's settings or the label sheets. Place labels in the paper tray, and print.

  1. Select appropriate labels for the printer

    Some labels are designed for inkjet printers, and others are designed for laser printers. Be certain to select the right type for your printer.

  2. Design your label

    Many artwork programs have templates preloaded for Avery labels. If desired, go to the Avery website to design your labels after signing up for a free account. Find the appropriate template based on the identifying number of the Avery labels you purchased. Enter the correct text and merge codes for printing things such as mailing lists or artwork. Once the label is completed, save the design for future projects or reprints.

  3. Print sample pages

    To ensure that the printed labels line up with the actual labels correctly, print a sample page on regular paper. Hold the sample page up to the labels to be certain the labels line up the way you want. Identify if the label sheets should be placed in the printer with the label on the top or the bottom.

  4. Adjust the printer's settings for the label sheets

    Some printers need to be set for thicker paper. Others need to have the label sheets fed through individually. Be certain the printer is not set to print on both sides of the paper. Depending on the ink in the printer, you might have to allow each page to dry briefly before stacking the next sheet of labels on it to prevent smearing.

  5. Load the label sheets into the printer

    Fan through the label sheets to separate them slightly so they pull through the printer smoothly.

  6. Attach the labels as desired

    Once the labels are all printed and dried, apply the labels to your envelopes or folders.