How Do You Print a Screenshot?


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To print a screenshot, you have to save it as an image and then export it in a format that can be printed at the appropriate size. Screenshots are limited-function copy/paste commands in older versions of Windows, but newer versions have a screenshot folder as a subsection of Pictures.

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  1. Navigate to the window you want to make into a screenshot

    Press the "Alt+Tab" keyboard combination, or click on the window you want to capture. You can also take a picture of the whole desktop display.

  2. Take the screenshot

    If you want to save it for later use, hold the Windows key and press the Print Screen key. It can appear as PrtSc, PrntScr, or something similar. By doing this, the screenshot is automatically taken and saved into the Screenshots folder, which is a subfolder of the Pictures folder. You can also press Print Screen to copy-paste the image into an image editing program for immediate use.

  3. Open and print the file

    Navigate to the location where the screenshot image is saved. Ensure you have a printer connected to the computer and that it is ready to print. Then, right-click, and select the Print option. Select your preferences, and click OK.

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