How Do You Print Pictures of Dogs to Send in for Photo Contests?


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One method to print pictures of a dog to send in for a photo contest is to upload them onto your computer from your camera or smartphone, and then use software or a Web service to print them on a home printer. Another option is to take them to a photo printing kiosk at a store such as Walmart or CVS.

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After you take the photos of the dog with a camera, connect it to the computer and follow the automatic prompts to transfer them to the machine. Most computers feature some sort of photo viewing program, which typically also facilitates the transfer process, though sometimes you must manually copy the files to the computer through a file navigation program. Once the images are on your computer, open them in the default photo viewing program, and then launch the Print dialog from the File menu. Insert special glossy photograph paper into the printer and use the dialog options to initiate the printing process.

Online photo storage services such as Snapfish also support home printing, often as one of the printing methods in the print ordering process. Similarly, companies such as Walmart and CVS let you upload photos to a special website to send the images to a nearby store for printing. It is also possible to request a home delivery of the photos, though this may take longer. Both options involve a charge for each print.

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