How Do You Print Labels in Word?

How Do You Print Labels in Word?

To print labels in Word, open or create a Word document with the labels that you want to print, open the Label Options dialog box to choose your settings and click Print. Click New Document if you want to look at the labels before printing them.

  1. Open or create the labels

    Open the Word document that contains labels you previously made, or create new labels by opening the Labels dialog box. Type in the desired information in the Address box.

  2. Select label settings

    Click Options. Choose the type of printer you are using, and determine the type of label template on which you are printing. If you are using custom labels, measure a label carefully, then choose the closest size from the Product number list. Click Details to check that the measurements of that label correspond closely with yours. Click New Label, and insert the dimensions of your label. Click OK. The customized label is located in the Other/Custom heading.

  3. Print the labels

    Click Full page of the same label on the Labels dialog box to print a whole page of the label. Click Print to print without saving the labels. Click New Document, then click Save to save the labels for future use.