How Do You Print Labels and Tags From Home?

How Do You Print Labels and Tags From Home?

To print labels and tags at home, create a template in a word processing or design program, insert the appropriate paper into the printer, and print as many copies as needed. Tags and labels can be cut by hand, with a die or a punch.

Before printing a label or a tag, you need to purchase the proper paper supplies. Labels require an adhesive back, while a tag is made from card stock. Different papers are suitable for different purposes.

If labeling an item that is likely to get wet, look for a product that is water-resistant or waterproof. If the product is going to be exposed to sunlight or heavily used, consider using a label with a UV-coating, which lasts longer and resists fading.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing paper for tags or labels is your printer. Some products work with all printers, while others are specific to laser or ink jet models. When purchasing card stock for tags, consider the same features.

When printing on label papers, you need a template. Most label manufacturer's, such as Avery, provide templates to fit their products. If printing on card stock for tags, fit as many as you can in a template that is the size of standard sheet of paper. Once the appropriate template is downloaded, position the design into the designated areas, and then select Print from the menu.