How Do You Print Labels in Microsoft Word?

To print labels in Microsoft Word 2010 or newer versions, click on the Labels icon under the Mailings tab, insert the labels into the manual feeder of the printer, and click Print. As of 2015, Microsoft Word allows users to create and print single and return address labels.

After selecting the Labels option, type the desired text into the Address box. To modify the font size and type, right-click on the text, select the Font option from the drop-down menu, and make any necessary changes. At this point, click on the Options button to designate the label type, create a new label or select the desired product number. Before printing, determine whether you want a single label or a full page containing the same label, and select the appropriate option in the Print section of the dialog box. Click on the Print button after completing the customization.

To create and print return address labels, check the box next to the Use Return Address option after clicking on the Labels icon. After selecting the Single Label option prior to printing, specify the location of the return address by manually typing the desired numerical values in the Row and Column fields. Alternatively, use the arrows to increase the values incrementally while observing the print preview in real time.