How Do You Print From a Kindle Fire?


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To print from a Kindle Fire, add a wireless printer to your network, download a plugin or app for the printer, and open the app you want to print from. If you have an older printer, download Google Cloud Printer from the Amazon Appstore, and set up an account.

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  1. Add a wireless printer to your network

    To add a printer to your Wi-Fi network, follow the manufacturer's instructions for your printer, and enter the name and password for your network.

  2. Download the printer plugin or app

    Turn on your Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire automatically recognizes a printer on your network. When prompted, install the designated app or plugin for your printer's manufacturer. If you have an older printer not recognized by the Kindle Fire, download Google Cloud Print from the Amazon Appstore. Before activating the app on the Kindle Fire, add the printer to Cloud Print from the computer to which the printer is connected. Open the app on the Kindle Fire, log in, allow it to manage your printers, and select the default printer.

  3. Print a page

    Open the app on the Kindle Fire that you want to print from. Navigate to the page or image you want to print. Depending on the app, select Print or Share from the menu. If you need to select Share, tap the printing option. Once the printer dialog appears, adjust any preferences, and click Print Page.

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