How Do You Print From an IPhone 4S?


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To print from an iPhone 4S, connect an Airprint-enabled printer to your wireless network, open the app, image or page that you want to print, tap the Share or Settings icon, and tap the Printer icon or the word Print. Select the printer and number of copies, and tap Print.

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  1. Connect the printer to your wireless network

    Using an Ethernet cable, connect your Airprint-enabled printer to the LAN port of your iPhone. To connect the printer to your network with Wi-Fi, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Once the printer is connected, wait several minutes before attempting to print.

  2. Open the app

    On your iPhone, open the app you that want to print from, and navigate to the image or page that you want to print.

  3. Print the page or image

    To print, tap the app's Share or Settings icon. The Share icon can either be an arrow curved to the left or a box with an arrow that points upwards. The Settings icon can either be a gear or a wrench. Next, tap the Printer icon or the word Print. Select the Airprint-enabled printer from the list, and choose the number of copies that you want to print. To complete the print job, tap Print.

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