How Do You Print From an IPad 2?


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Apple's iPad 2 has built-in support for wireless printing, making printing from the iPad 2 an easy process. Printing from the iPad 2 requires a wireless printer and selecting the correct settings on your iPad 2.

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  1. Turn on AirPlay

    In the Settings section of the iPad 2, scroll down to AirPlay, and use the slider to turn it on. This enables the iPad 2 to send documents, photos and other documents to a wireless printer.

  2. Open the document or picture to be printed

    Open the app that contains the documents or photos you ant to print. Select the Print option on the iPad 2 app. This option is displayed as a small arrow in the upper-right-hand corner.

  3. Select the correct printer

    Tap the AirPlay arrow (in the upper-right corner) after selecting the Print option to see the drop-down menu with available wireless printers. Select the wireless printer you wish to use.

  4. Print your document or photo

    Click Print after you make your printer selection, and wait for the printed photo or document to be printed. Repeat with as many documents or photos as you wish. There is no need to disconnect after printing, and the iPad 2 automatically recognizes the printer you used the next time you get ready to print.

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