How Do You Print Giant Numbers?

How Do You Print Giant Numbers?

Printing large format numbers requires accessing them at the right font and using a printer that can manage the paper size. Large font numbers that appear on normal-sized paper can often be found on websites such as, which delivers all types of printable objects. However, for larger fonts exceeding that of a normal household printer, a specialist will need to be contacted.

Printer Projects caters to all age groups and has several large font items available. All of these numbers and letters can be accessed for free, without the need of a membership. However, all of the numbers do come with a small watermark on the bottom of the pages. Use the following instructions to print large font numbers.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the Printer Projects website.

  3. Choose the letters button on the side menu
  4. The side menu consists of all free and available printer items. For large font numbers, press the numerals button.

  5. Print the numbers
  6. Choose the number along with its color and press Print.

For sizes larger than a household printer, locate professional sign builders, such as FAST SIGNS. These experts create large, professional custom signs and use all types of digital and tangible mediums.