How Do You Print an Email?


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Print an email by clicking the Print menu option, selecting a Print icon on the email screen, using a keyboard shortcut or right-clicking the body of the email. These methods typically open a dialog box that allows the user to choose printer settings.

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  1. Choose the Print menu option

    Click the File menu on an older browser, and then click OK or Print. On newer browsers, click the Menu icon, and then click Print.

  2. Click the printer icon

    Find the printer icon and click the OK or Print button in the dialog box that appears.

  3. Use a keyboard shortcut

    With the email message displayed in the active window, press Control-P to open the Print dialog box.

  4. Right-click to open a Print dialog box

    Position the cursor in the body of the email, and then click the right mouse button. Click Print in the box that opens.

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