How Do You Print Documents From Acrobat Reader?

How Do You Print Documents From Acrobat Reader?

Select the File menu and click Print, or click on the printer icon in the taskbar, to print a PDF document from Acrobat Reader. In the dialog box that appears, choose the printer and enter the number of copies you want. The Pages to Print option allows you to select certain pages from longer documents; All prints every page, Current prints the current page, and Pages lets you choose individual page numbers or pages within a range of numbers.

In the Pages to Print section, More Options contains extra printing options such as only printing odd or even pages. If you wish to print on both sides of the page, check that your printer is able to do so.

To print a document in black and white, check the Print in Grayscale box. To scale the page, for example to scale a large document down to fit on a standard sheet, click Size in the dialog box, and select the appropriate option. To print a large document such as a banner over multiple sheets, use the Poster button.

The Multiple option lets you print multiple pages from the document on a single sheet, while the Booklet option lets you print the document so that it is ready to be folded and stapled into a booklet.

To print a portion of a page, select Take a Snapshot from the Edit menu. Select the area you wish to print, and select Print from the File menu. In the dialog box, click More Options under Pages to Print and select Selected Graphic.

When everything is ready, click the Print button.