How Do You Print a Calendar Online?


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To print a calendar online, select a default calendar for the desired year, or create a custom one on websites such as TimeAndDate.com or CalendarLabs.com, and open the printable version of the page by clicking on the appropriate button. Once that page loads, use the printing functionality of Web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox, modify the printing parameters if necessary, and print the calendar.

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On TimeAndDate.com, move your mouse pointer over the Calendar button, and select the Printable PDF Calendar option. Select the calendar type by clicking on the Monthly or Yearly button, specify a year from the drop-down menu, and select your country and primary language. Choose whether to mark specific holidays on the calendar by ticking the appropriate boxes in the Holidays Options box, type the heading for the calendar, select a desired color scheme, and choose a paper format. Finally, select one of the three templates, click on the Create PDF button, open the PDF file in your browser, and print it. CalendarLabs.com features nearly identical options with regard to creating a PDF or an online calendar.

To print a calendar generated via these websites with Google Chrome, open the PDF file or the printable version of the online calendar, press P while holding down Control, select the printer, paper size and layout, and click Print. In Firefox, choose the Print option from the main menu, select the printer, modify the parameters by clicking on the Properties button, and click OK when ready to print.

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