How Do You Print Business Cards?

How Do You Print Business Cards?

To print business cards, purchase blank perforated cards at the local business supply store, design the card using a template, load the business card sheets into the printer, and print. Carefully separate the cards at the perforations.

  1. Purchase blank perforated business card sheets

    Choose carefully from the selection of colors, finishes and paper weight. Purchase enough cards to print the number you want as well as a few extra in case there are difficulties with printing or with initial print setup.

  2. Find business card templates

    Check the card manufacturer's website for templates sized and aligned for the business cards you just purchased, or use a program you already own on your computer. If necessary, find a label-creating program with a business card template.

  3. Design the business card

    Choose images, fonts and text to enhance the card. Proofread the card carefully.

  4. Print a sample sheet

    Place one sheet of the business cards into the printer, and print one sheet of cards. Examine the printed sheet to be certain the cards are to your liking and that they all line up properly.

  5. Print the remainder of the cards

    Follow your printer manufacturer's recommendations as to how many pages of cards to load into the printer at once. Stay near the printer to watch for paper jams since cardstock paper is thick and may cause certain printers to jam.

  6. Separate the cards

    Fold the sheets of business cards on the perforated lines to make tearing easier. Separate the cards from each other by tearing them carefully at the perforations.