How Do You Print Books Online?

How Do You Print Books Online?

To print books online, choose a service and put together the book layout. When the layout is finished, buy a barcode, upload the book and order copies.

Print-on-demand services are handy options for self-published authors who want to order print copies of their books online. To use one of these services, run through the following steps.

  1. Choose a service
  2. There are several services available, including CreateSpace, Blurb and Lulu.

  3. Use an editing service
  4. Editing services can make helpful suggestions for a completed manuscript. Although many print-on-demand services offer packages that include editing, choosing an independent editor or book doctor can result in more honest and useful advice.

  5. Put the book together
  6. Printing a book requires more than just text. Most services require PDF files in specific formats, so be sure to follow the guidelines. These can include things like page sizes and margin sizes. It is also important to choose things like cover art for the book.

  7. Buy an ISBN number
  8. An ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is kind of like a barcode for books. Although most print-on-demand services offer ISBN numbers along with the book printing, creating an independent number lets authors list themselves as their own small publishers. This allows them to reproduce the book elsewhere.

  9. Upload the book
  10. Upload the book's PDF file according to the service's instructions.

  11. Order copies
  12. Order multiple copies of the book.