How Do You Print an Address on an Envelope?


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To print an address on an envelope, create a new envelope file in Microsoft Word 2010 or newer, and type the desired addresses in the Delivery Address and Return Address fields. Insert the envelope in the manual feeder of the printer, and click on Print.

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After starting Microsoft Word 2010, click on the File button, and select the New option. Click on the Mailings tab, and select the Envelopes option located in the Create section. Once the new window appears, click on the Envelopes tab, and type the address in the Delivery Address field. If you don’t want to add a return address to the envelope, check the box next to the Omit option.

Before printing, you have various modification options, including envelope size, font and alignment. By clicking on the Options button and selecting the Printing Options tab, you can specify the feed method, rotation and the default printer tray. Click on the Font button to select the desired font, style, size and color of the text. The preview section displays the changes in real time, allowing for precise positioning of the return and delivery addresses on the envelope. When ready, click on the Print button, and select Yes when the prompt to save the return address displays.

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