What Is the Price Range for Metro PCS Cellphones?


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Metro PCS sells cellphones ranging in price from around $20 for a ZTE Obsidian or ALCATEL onetouch Evolve 2 to around $650 for a Samsung Galaxy S6, as of 2015. The majority of the options are around $50 to $120.

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Metro PCS customers must purchase a data plan in addition to a physical device. Metro PCS data plans are available in three increments — $40, $50 and $60 — with each including a different amount of data at either non-4G or 4G LTE speeds. Non-4G customers cannot choose the $60 plan. Mexico Unlimited offers unlimited talk and text to Mexico for $5 more on any plan, while World Calling is available for an additional $10 on either the $50 or $60 plan. Additional fees apply for upgrading a device or purchasing a 1GB Data Top-Up.

There is a $5 discount for every additional line on a Metro PCS Family Plan.

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