How Do You Prevent Telemarketers From Finding Your Phone Number?


Prevent telemarketers from finding your phone number and calling you by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry. If telemarketers still call after you sign up for the service, being firm and telling them to put you on their Do Not Call list is an effective strategy to prevent callbacks.

The Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry is intended to protect citizens from excessive and invasive telemarketing calls. When visiting the site, you can quickly register multiple phone numbers for telemarketing protection. Simply click on the Register a Phone Number button on the main page to enter up to three phone numbers and your email address. After you verify your email address, the service places you on the Do Not Call list, which can significantly cut down on telemarketing phone calls.

If telemarketers still call you after putting your name on the list, the best strategy is to actually ask them to place you on their own Do Not Call lists. Simply hanging up the phone is ineffective, as this causes the company to keep calling back until they actually talk to you. It’s far more effective to state unequivocally that you want to be put on the company’s Do Not Call list. Asking or requesting to be put on the list is less effective, as it gives the telemarketer the opportunity to question you about your decision. Instead, firmly demand that the company remove you from their call list.