What Are Some Best Practices for Trading Things Online?

What Are Some Best Practices for Trading Things Online?

Some best practices for trading things online include identifying a reputable and credible online trading website or community, such as eBay, SwapTrees, Caretotrade and Craigslist. Once you have made a decision on what online trading community to go with, before becoming a member of that community, ensure that you read and understand the fine print.

Make sure to understand all the aspects of being a community member, such as the membership rules, return policy and dispute resolution procedures and transaction fees. Most online bartering or trading communities require that new members sign a contract to ensure that they abide by the rules set by the community.

It is equally important to do some research about an online trading website or community before becoming a member. Look for feedback as well as the community’s trade history.

Describe your item, but avoid exaggerations as this may earn you poor feedback. Make sure to include information such as the quality and condition of the item, so that the receiver can establish its value.

Add the packaging, shipping policy and cost information to your item description. Know the estimates of the transportation costs to prevent possible disputes and to ensure that profits are not used up by unexpected transaction costs.