What Is PowerTyping for QWERTY?


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PowerTyping for QWERTY is an online tutorial that helps users improve their typing skills with keyboards that use the QWERTY layout. PowerTyping.com provides users with an explanation of the QWERTY keyboard layout, the proper positioning of fingers on the keyboard to maximize typing performance and multiple typing lessons.

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In the QWERTY section, the website presents the layout of a QWERTY keyboard by using colors to determine which fingers should cover specific sets of keys. The tutorial instructs users to position their left hand so that their fingers, starting from the little finger to forefinger, cover the A, S, D and F keys, with the thumb resting on the space bar. The fingers on the right hand are supposed to cover the J, K, L and the semi-colon keys. This section also explains how to calculate the typing speed in words per minute and provides tips for typing rhythm and the number of acceptable errors.

The website features 13 typing lessons as of 2015, each focusing on a small set of keys. To help users specify a comfortable tempo, the website allows them to set the desired WPM value manually. Each lesson includes a series of words featuring the letters that are part of that lesson in a random order. There is also an option to select and play an audio track that helps users keep rhythm based on the selected WPM value.

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