What Is the PowerSchool Teacher Program?


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PowerSchool is an information management system that allows teachers to manage student data, such as grades, attendance history and reports. The purpose of PowerSchool is to provide a resource for parents and administrators to access important student information accurately and promptly, allowing them to see the results of tests and assignments as soon as they become available.

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PowerSchool provides a variety of tools for teachers to conveniently manage pertinent information for their students, including a grade book that automatically loads classes, grade scales and student demographic information. The PowerSchool database receives data in real time, providing students, parents and administrators with access to attendance records and grade progress on demand.

To access the PowerSchool server, users are required to have a computer with an Internet connection and a browser capable of 128-bit encryption, such as Safari or Internet Explorer 6. User names and passwords are provided by the school district. The specific requirements to obtain PowerSchool information vary depending on the school, but parents are typically required to attend a training class prior to receiving access to the PowerSchool servers.

As of August 2015, PowerSchool is the largest student information system in the United States, with a database of over 26 million parents and 13 million students.

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