What Is a PowerPoint Template?

powerpoint-template Credit: Monty Rakusen/Cultura/Getty Images

A PowerPoint template is a slide or a group of slides that users can save as a .potx or .pot file. PowerPoint templates consist of layouts, background styles, theme effects, theme fonts, theme colors and content.

Users can make customized template and store, reuse and share them with others. There are various kinds of free built-in templates in PowerPoint and free templates on Office.com. The components of most templates include the subject matter; background formatting, such as pictures, transparency, texture gradient or solid fill color; theme design elements, fonts and effects, such as 3-D, shadow, line and fill effects; and text in placeholders that prompt users to enter certain information, such as the name and date of the presentation.

A design template is a coordinated packaged deal. It allows a person to use various colors and patterns that complement each other. It is created so that different types of slides can have different layouts and graphics, making the entire PowerPoint presentation an attractive package.

According to PowerPoint Resources, a PowerPoint template is based on the slide master, which controls the overall appearance, the color, the text placement and other design elements found in the presentation. A PowerPoint template has the suffix of .pot or .potx.