Is It Possible to Type Something and Have the Computer Say It Back?


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It is possible to type something and have the computer say it back with the use of specific Web pages and other speech recognition software or programs. An example of a website that can be visited to perform this function is Text-to-Speech Site Pal on Oddcast, and an example of text-to-speech software for the computer is Natural Reader.

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Oddcast hosts SitePal, where a user can type any text and have the website read it back. There are many different voices available, such as United States English voices Julie and Steven, and Australian voices such as Grace and Karen. There are voices affected with Irish, Scottish and Indian accents as well. Pitch and speed effects can also be used, along with echo, reverb and flange.

Natural Reader is an example of text-to-speech software that is downloadable for use on a computer. The free version of Natural Reader also allows a user to type the text into the website to have it read back to them. Natural Reader can read back any written text, whether it is within a website, or word processing software such as Microsoft Word. There are also applications made for iOS and Android, such as Speak It! and SVOX.

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