Is It Possible to Put Songs on an IPod Without Using ITunes?

It is possible to put songs on an iPod without iTunes by using other software that allows for the transfer of music from a computer to the device. There are alternatives to iTunes available for Windows, Linux, and OSX systems.

There are third-party software options for iPod owners who want to transfer music to their device without using iTunes. These options require users to download the software to their computer. Plug in the iPod and activate the installed software. Freeware options like SharePod or PodTrans allow the user to see copy or move music files from a Windows computer to the iPod. Podworks and PodUtil serve the same purpose for OSX and Linux respectively. Each program has an interface through which users select the location of music on their computer, whether they want to copy or transfer it, and where they want to save it on the iPod.