What Are Possible Causes of Getting No Sound When Using Windows 7?


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Problems with sound on your Windows 7 computers may be caused by your hardware or software set up. Common items to check include your PC's sound card, device connections, and sound settings on devices or within programs.

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A missing, defective or improperly installed sound card could be the culprit on a Windows 7 PC. A problem with the integrated sound processor could cause the problem on a laptop or tablet. You may not be getting sound if there is a problem with a connected device such as speakers, headphones, game controllers, etc. The problem may be as simple as a loose cable or USB connection or it may be a defect in the device itself. If a device has it's own power switch, make sure it is turned on. If a device, game or other program has its own volume control, you may want to check it. Your sound problem could be as simple as a volume set too low!

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