Is It Possible to Activate an AT&T Microcell From Home?

Users activate AT&T MicroCells from home using their online accounts. If the user already has an AT&T account, he can log in, enter the device's serial number and follow the prompts to complete activation. If the user is not already a registered AT&T user, he must first go to the MicroCell-Activate page on AT&T's website and enter the serial number. Once he creates an online AT&T account and logs in, he can activate the device using the prompts.

Prior to activation, the user must connect the MicroCell to the Internet and power it on, ensuring that the device works and that the power supply is properly connected. Once activation finishes, the user receives an email and a text message confirming the successful activation. A solid, non-flashing green light on the MicroCell and a network name "AT&T MicroCell" on the user's cellphone indicate successful activation and installation.

Activation is not instant; it can take as long as 90 minutes to complete. Users should re-start their phones following activation if they do not immediately see the MicroCell Network indicator at the top of their phones.

MicroCell devices work best when installed on the first floor near a window if possible, at least a foot away from other broadband devices. Installing the MicroCell on a bright day with minimal clouds ensures optimal activation. For further questions, the Downloads page on the AT&T Home Page includes a MicroCell User Manual.