What Are Some Positively Rated Computer Adapters?


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The AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI adapter, the Sabrent USB 2.0 to 9-pin serial DB-9 adapter and the Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter are three highly-rated computer adapters. All three are available on Amazon.com and have received 4.5 out of five stars from customers.

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The HDMI to DVI adapter by AmazonBasics allows users to connect monitors and televisions with DVI ports to graphics cards and laptops with HDMI ports. Although both connections can transfer similar amounts of visual data, only HDMI can carry audio. As such, using the adapter does not send sound to monitors that have built-in speakers or televisions.

The USB 2.0 to 9-pin serial DB-9 adapter is aimed at professionals who work with devices that have serial ports. For instance, most diagnostic devices used to scan OBD error codes from car engines use have 9-pin serial DB-9 ports. As such, mechanics can use the adapter to connect diagnostics tools to their computers to read error codes. Alternatives such as USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt replaced 9-pin serial ports on consumer-grade products.

Although Apple developed the FireWire connection, the company no longer puts FireWire ports on its computers. As such, users with old FireWire devices must use adapters such as the Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter by Apple. The adapter can also supply up to 7 watts of electricity to power external hard drives and audio devices.

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