How Do You Position Wireless Security Cameras?


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In the front of the home, position wireless security cameras high on the exterior of the home, such as from the eaves of the house or the second story, angling them towards the front door and front windows. Likewise, position cameras toward the back of the home and any side doors. The backyard and any problem areas are also ideal spots for positioning security cameras.

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One important aspect of home security is capturing the activities that go on in front of the home since the front door is a common entry point for thieves. Mounting a camera high enough on the house to capture activity at the front door and in the front yard can help the homeowner to see any suspicious activity in this area. A camera aimed at the front gate or any pathways leading to the front of the home is also ideal.

The back door is also a common entry point for burglars, and side doors are targets because the burglar may be hidden from view and able to take his time before entry. Mounting cameras in locations that monitor these areas is also ideal.

In the backyard, a wireless security camera with motion-sensing lights and night vision that overlooks the whole yard can help keep a lookout for intruders. This is particularly true if the yard is large or there is a tool shed or expensive equipment in the yard.

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