What Are Some Popular Word Cloud Generators?


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Wordle.net, WordSift.com and Tagul.com offer three of the most popular word cloud generators on the Internet, according to Edudemic. All three websites are free to use, as of 2015.

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WordSift.com provides the most simple generator. The website allows users to enter up to 65,000 characters of text and displays the word cloud as a list of green-colored words, which can be rearranged into various specific orders.

Wordle.com tops these features by enabling users simply to provide the URL link for a Web page from which to construct the word cloud. Users can customize the font, color scheme and layout of the word cloud. The website's only downside is that it requires Java to function.

Tagul.com provides the same features, but users have more customization options, including shape, capitalization and exclusion of words. However, Tagul.com requires users to register an account.

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