What Are Some Popular Free VST Plugins?

What Are Some Popular Free VST Plugins?

Some popular free VST plugins include NUSofting daHornet, Magnus Jonsson Ambience, Sound Magic Piano One, Ohm Force Frohmage and the TyrellN6, as recommended by Music Radar. Camel Crusher, Guitar Gadgets and AmpliTube 3 are also popular music tools.

NUSofting daHornet is a VST synthesizer plugin modeled after the Electronic Dream Planet Wasp, a popular vintage analog synthesizer. It includes the same envelopes and warm tones as the original model.

Magnus Jonsson Ambience is a reverb effects VST that is very popular with users. It includes a variety of features and presets to choose from.

Sound Magic Piano One is a good fee VST for creating classic piano sounds. It models a Yamaha C7 grand piano free of charge, and users can download additional sounds as add-ons.

Ohm Force Frohmage is a low-pass filter that throws in delay, distortion and a few other effects for good measure. It is a popular tool for adding twang, crunch or phase-like effects to bass and drum sounds.

The u-he TyrellN6 receives many recommendations from music publications such as Music Radar and Beatport. It is a full digital synthesizer that offers a variety of oscillator settings. It has its roots in a hardware synth that never came to be, but its digital interface offers more features and options.

Camel Crusher offers a low-pass filter, compressor and distortion VST in a single tool. It can add color and texture to everything from drums to synthesizers, according to Fact Magazine.

Guitar Gadgets offers an excellent alternative to using guitar effects pedals. It provides effects such as reverb and distortion effects that can create interesting sounds in guitar tracks. Although it is designed with guitars in mind, it also works well with other instruments such as synthesizers.

The free version of AmpliTube 3 offers four free amplifiers, three microphones and two rack effects, providing a variety of different sounds for several instruments. Although the software was originally intended for IK Multimedia's guitar rig hardware, anyone can use the software.