What Are Some Popular TV Ads for Verizon?


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The most popular ads for Verizon include the "Can You Hear Me Now?" campaign, ads for Verizon's Fios product, and an inspiring commercial encouraging young girls to explore math and science. Over the years, Verizon has aired many TV ads for their services.

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TechCrunch, a technology news and product review company, gathered popular Verizon ads. The Fios ad is for their product that takes bundled services and carries them over a fiber-optic network. The "Can you hear me now?" commercials feature a man who goes around the U.S. to see if the person on the other end of the phone can hear him in even the most remote locations. Another popular ad is the "Inspire her mind" ad that encourages adults to tell young girls that they are pretty brilliant, not just pretty, while encouraging them to learn more about math and science. A Star Wars inspired ad pokes fun at a Verizon competitor but doesn't have much to do with their services.

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