What Are Some Popular Texting Symbols?

One popular texting symbol is :-o, which represents that the sender is appalled. Another popular symbol is $__$, which indicates that the sender sees money, either literally or figuratively.

One classic text symbol is XOXOXO, which means the user is sending hugs and kisses to the receiver. Another symbol useful for those in romantic relationships is ;-), a smiley face showing that the sender is winking. One partner may also use the symbol O-G-< to indicate that they are pointing to themselves.

A popular text symbol to represent surprise is :-O, which shows the sender is wowed by something. A similar symbol is 8-O.

One fun symbol to use is >8-D, which shows the user is laughing in an evil and maniacal way. A similar variant is this symbol is 3:-), which shows the sender is making a devilish smile.

One symbol to represent sadness is :’-(, which uses an apostrophe to represent that the sender is crying over something. Without the apostrophe, the symbol :-( also represents general sadness on the sender's part. A popular symbol to represent dual emotions is >: – ( because it shows that the sender is simultaneously angry and sad. If they are confused and sad instead, the sender may type %-( to show that emotion.