What Are Some Popular Text Message Symbols?

Some popular text symbols include :-( to indicate a sad face and :-) to indicate a happy face. Variations on those symbols are :( and :). To indicate an even sadder emotion, :'-( shows a face that is crying. To show crying with laughter, :'-D is used. A few other symbols that show emotive faces in text include :-o to show an appalled face, :-D to indicate grinning and >:-( to indicate anger.

Some fun variations on faces that are used in text are 8-) to show a smiling faces with glasses, and o:-)to show a smiling angel, as the o is showing a halo. For a winking variation, ;-) or ;) is commonly used. To show a kiss, one would type :-x or :-*, and to indicate a skeptical face, one would type :-/. A shocked face would appear as :o, and crazed laughter is presented as >8-D.

A few symbols that are not faces that are used in text are <3 to indicate love and @}-\-,--, which indicates a rose. Some silly symbols that are used include *<|:o)> to show Santa Claus, :8) to show the face of a pig, and /\(00)/\ to show the image of a spider.