What Are Some Popular Software Suites for DJ Mixing?

What Are Some Popular Software Suites for DJ Mixing?

As of 2015, some popular software suites for DJ mixing include free software such as Mixxx and VirtualDJ, as well as professional software such as Deckadance and Traktor. The free software offers much of the same features as paid software, with the professional software offering greater levels of control.

Mixxx is free, open-source software for DJ mixing that offers iTunes integration, allowing any song in an iTunes library to be available for use in a mix. Mixxx offers automatic BPM detection and beat matching. It features a mixer function that handles multiple file formats with adjustable equalizer shelves and timecode vinyl control.

VirtualDJ is a popular free DJ software package that allows users to apply DJ effects to their digital music collection such as cross fading multiple tracks and pitch control to adjust tempo. VirtualDJ lets users scratch tracks, apply loops and recall cue points that can be customized for each track.

Deckadance features automated glitch, stutter and scratch effects. It can control two or four decks for more elaborate mixing than software limited to two decks. Users can configure Deckadance to work with most types of MIDI controllers, and it supports most brands of digital vinyl software products.

Traktor features four-deck control along with powerful cue and loop functions. Traktor software works with the company's line of Traktor DJ hardware controllers and is compatible with most MIDI controllers.