What Are Some Popular Security Camera Lights?


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Popular security lights with cameras include models by NightWatcher, Ironton, Lorex and SmartGuard. These devices are designed to be installed indoors or outdoors and light up when motion is detected, recording visuals for later review. Some also play pre-recorded messages to deter potential criminals.

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SmartGuard's motion sensor twin light with security camera, available on SmartHome.com, uses an infrared motion sensor to enable both lights and a message such as, "You are trespassing." Users can adjust the duration of the floodlight when triggered, and the device has three modes to adapt to the time of day.

Northern Tool and Equipment offers a digital security light with camera by Ironton, which contains a 500 watt halogen bulb for complete lighting, day or night. Users can choose whether the camera captures video or up to 10 photos at a time, all timestamped for clarity. It can also serve as a functional webcam accessible remotely.

The Better Homes and Gardens website showcases a selection of combination camera and security lighting devices, including NightWatcher's robotic security light with camera. This motorized light uses infrared radiation to detect across a 220 degree field, capturing video or images on an internal card, and it is mountable nearly anywhere.

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