What Are Some Popular Samsung Smartphone Apps?


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Some popular Samsung Android smartphone apps include Spotify, Strava, Evernote, Pocket and Pushbullet. Apps are typically downloaded from Google Play and include free and paid-for apps.

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Spotify comes in a free and pay version. While the free version offers most of the pay version features, it has ad pop-ups and lower audio quality and lacks offline play ability. Strava, a free app, is a smartphone fitness tool aimed at runners and cyclists. It keeps track of performance, charts daily progress and has the ability to set goals. For an added competitive edge, Strava features leaderboards and challenges, and it also has a database of user-created runs and paths.

Evernote, a note-taking app, saves writing ideas, syncs to most other devices and has the ability to create to-do lists. Voice reminders and messages can also be created and photos can be captured directly from the app instead of through the phone's camera app. Pushbullet allows notifications sent to the smartphone to also be sent to a personal computer. Things like calendar reminders pop up on the computer screen, as do calls and texts.

Periscope is Twitter's live video streaming app. Aside from creating live streams, others' streams can also be watched.

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