What Are Some Popular Samsung Headphones?

What Are Some Popular Samsung Headphones?

Popular Samsung headphones include the Active In-Ear, Level U Wireless, Gear Circle and Level On Wireless. These come in various colors and range in price from $29.99-$249.99, as of 2015. They are available for purchase at retailers that carry Samsung products.

Samsung Active In-Ear headphones feature a winged ear that increases stability. The in-ear portion is made of gel designed to cancel unwanted noise. They are wired with a tangle-resistant cable and come in black, white, blue and red. Each pair comes with four sets of in-ear gels to accommodate different ear sizes.

The Samsung Level U Wireless headphones have a battery that remains charged for up to 10 hours of constant use. Designed to be worn around the neck, the Level U features winged ear gels and magnetic earbuds to stabilize them while they are not being used. These headphones are available in black or white.

Samsung's Gear Circle headphones are sweat-resistant and sit comfortably around the wearer's neck. They boast up to 9 hours of playback time per charge and come in black, pink, red, blue and silver.

Samsung's most expensive headphones, the Level On Wireless, are available in black, white, blue or silver. These headphones boast Active Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. They are also collapsible for safe storage and have soft padding that makes over-the-ear wear very comfortable, according to Samsung.