What Are Some Popular Online Shopping Malls in the United States?


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Amazon is not only the largest online seller of their own stock as of 2015, but also provides a huge online marketplace. Amazon furnishes a unified product view, showing a seller's products in results with others of the same type, or allows custom shops for sellers. Another large online marketplace is Newegg, which began as an electronics and computer products shop. Similar to Amazon, Newegg's marketplace sells varied products such as apparel, beauty aids and sporting goods from affiliated sellers.

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Yahoo Shopping offers an experience that provides more emphasis on separate retailers. Although offering a product view, the listings feature retailer names prominently. The retailer name links, such as Wal-Mart, Sears or Amazon, take the user to customized sites for those stores. This approach is closer to the original 1990s idea of an online mall, where a portal linked to different shopping sites.

In the 1990s, the idea was to create parallel spaces to real-world malls to present users with a familiar shopping paradigm. Online retail, however, shifted to product-focused sites, as Web users did not need the mall concept to adjust to the idea of online shopping. Since the mid-2000s, there have been attempts to create a mall experience through virtual reality, but these efforts have not met with success.

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